Natalia Shturm has experienced domestic violence

Наталья Штурм подверглась домашнему насилию
The singer admitted that she was forced to endure beatings for your son.

Natalia Shturm’s ex-husband Igor Pavlov

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “live”

50-year-old Natalie storm became the main character of the show “live”, in which he admitted that for 12 years suffers a beating from her ex — husband Igor Pavlov. The relationship of ex-spouses are so strained that the singer comes to see her husband with pepper spray. She told that she was forced to be a victim of domestic violence for the sake of his son Arseny.

The fact that the son of Natalia attends a prestigious school. All costs associated with the education of the boy took on his father. According to the artist, the child’s education is worth more than a million rubles. To Arseny had the opportunity to receive education in an elite institution, she is forced to endure cruel treatment of ex-husband.

Sturm is confident that the cause of the aggressive behavior Igor is alcohol dependence. She said that the last few years, the ex-wife began to have serious problems with booze.

However, Pavlov does not agree with the allegations of ex-wife and expressed his opinion about the situation: “She loves only two things – money and yourself. I’m 13 years raising a son she rarely sees, for four months lost, and it’s just easier. Because I taught him to love the Motherland, and she hates it. In its own way refers to people, and I’m on my way. It is very difficult to navigate. What could be the mother, if she could not see my son for four months? I have such mothers would have the leg taken, untwist and hit the corner of a concrete to not breed…”

To change something in the relationship with her ex-husband, the artist does not intend, as it depends on him materially. By the way, some time ago she started a new relationship. Her choice was a 34-year-old Tigran.