The mother of George Clooney revealed the gender of his unborn babies

Мать Джорджа Клуни раскрыла пол его будущих младенцев
Mrs Clooney told how she got pregnant Amal

Amal and George Clooney


Nina Clooney, the mother of the famous actor shared his joy about the upcoming replenishment in the family of her son, and
told how she found out about this anticipated event. “We’re having a girl and
boy!” that’s what they told us…”. Nina confessed that she was really happy
was to hear what will soon become a grandmother. “George’s wife came to us — to me and to
father to personally announce this terrific news. That day the whole family was in
the collection is his sister Adelia also stayed with us. It was incredibly touching
moment!” — said the mother of 55-year-old George Clooney. This interview appeared on the website

George really had a sense of hurry, although his sister he still never
to catch up. After all, her children are 20 and 25 years!” — said with a smile Mrs. Clooney. But
although George and Amal were happy to inform parents of actor Paul children who
carrying his wife, to share information about what names she would like
to give their offspring, the future parents did not want to. “I’m sure they will be
just wonderful parents!” added Nina Clooney.

For the first time about the pregnancy of the wife of George Clooney
as confirmed fact, talking a couple of days ago when the host of the TV show The Talk — Julie Chen said live that
George personally told her that his wife was pregnant and waiting for twins. And soon
one of the best friends actor Matt Damon also admitted that he is already quite
for a long time knows that Amal is pregnant. George told Matt about it back in the fall
when they starred together in the film Suburbicon.
Clooney said to a friend that his wife is already in her eighth week of pregnancy. But
Damon, he said, were afraid when they heard about this: “You don’t know
the rule is 12 weeks?!? You can’t tell until that time, no one else!” And George, following the advice of Damon, until recently, didn’t tell anyone else about this except my family members.