Наталья Подольская трогательно поздравила сына
Little brine shrimp have turned one year old.

Наталья Подольская трогательно поздравила сына

Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya and their son Artemy

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya (Instagram Natalia Podolsky)

Today in a happy family
Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky celebrate two big holidays.
Exactly one year ago were born of their beloved son Artemy. And besides
Vladimir with his wife are celebrating today the six-year anniversary of the date of the wedding. At
the occasion of this joyful event, the singer has published in his microblog
touching greetings with rare family photos.

“Today at 6.41 am
was born the long-awaited beloved native boy-the smile our son Artem Presnyakov!
He made straight a’s all the way I wanted! He was born on the anniversary of the Vladimir
wedding. Although it was supposed to be born June 10. Was born and turned my life upside down! As
in the song Irina Dubtsova now all thoughts only about it and about him… About him and about him….
And it’s forever! Thank you for this! Health and happiness!” — wrote Natalia.

Recall that the singer, as
many other Russian celebrities, yet carefully hides face
his son. She wants to protect him from undue attention of the public. By The Way, Podolsk
admitted that at first she was difficult to get used to motherhood. Her
we had to refuse visiting social events that at first it
upset. But now Natalya just perfectly accustomed to the role of mother and often
sharing with other young mothers advice on child care.

Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov and their son Artemy

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya (Instagram Natalia Podolsky)

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