Джек Блэк за пару часов умер и воскрес
Bad joke of colleagues-known comedian had startled the film world.

Jack Black

Photo: Instagram.com

It would seem there are things in life over which it is impossible to joke and laugh, but not for the rock band Tenacious D. a Few hours ago, the musicians posted the news of the death of Jack black, which literally adrignola Hollywood and the rest of the world.”Regret to officially announce that Jack black died at the age of 46 years. Rest in peace, brother.” — written by members of the rock group Tenacious D, which the soloist was Jack. Following this message came another: “With a heavy heart to report that Jack black died yesterday at 3.37 nights. The cause of death is still unknown”.

This news is so
shocked stardom that many refused to believe what had happened. And by the way, did the right thing! The news of the death turned out to be a joke musicians. “Haha guys calm down. It was the usual raffle. All is well!” — after a couple hours they wrote. The Network has even appeared in the healthy living and Jack, who is currently on his way to Los Angeles.

Many celebrities, who managed to believe in the death of black considered the joke is not just bad and inhuman! In memory of “the dead,” Jack wrote many good and kind words, but now in rock band is pouring a huge amount of negativity. Cruel hoax has led many to anger.

Recall that Jack was famous for roles in
such films as “School of rock”, “king Kong” and “Soldiers of failure”. Also he is a great master of voice-cartoons. One of the most striking of his works in animation — “Kung fu Panda” and “Ice age”.

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