In the history of divorce johnny Depp appeared new complications

В истории с разводом Джонни Деппа появились новые осложнения
Spouses have to battle in court for custody case.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Splash News/East news

Johnny Depp, who currently makes
tour with a group of “Hollywood vampires” struggling pretends
it did not concern the charges brought against him by his wife — amber heard. However, while johnny travels to Europe, his business
more and more complicated.

Currently, Depp gives concerts already not Swedish.
like last week, and in Romania. Reporters who follow the voyage
Johnny managed to find out that Depp finds time not only for performances , but
and for local attractions. The most remarkable of his
the outing was a trip to the so-called “Dracula’s Castle”. Bran Castle — medieval
the building once belonged to the Romanian Prince Vlad Tepes, which
the prototype character of the book Bram Stoker — Dracula. However, for Depp,
member of the rock band “Hollywood vampires”, visiting family nest “Itself
famous vampire”, just logically.

More strange: why Depp, which would be beneficial
look in the eve of the scandalous divorce trial, “white and fluffy”,
doing everything to create the opposite impression? As reported by the European
the press, almost every night when johnny is sent to a restaurant where to
am having fun in the company of local fans. Recently, for example, saw
lyubeznaya with an unknown blonde, is confusingly similar to amber heard. And
other witnesses claim that Depp, at the same time, not only absorbed a fair amount
the amount of alcohol, but also Smoking a suspicious looking “cigarettes”.

Incidentally, in the case of divorce johnny there has been another unpleasant
turn. Although children have Depp and heard were not, they have to fight in court
the case of guardianship. And although it is only about two small Yorkshire
Terriers pair, the battle is expected to be quite serious. By the way, these are the dogs,
which amber almost ended up in an Australian jail, illegally WESA them
on the territory of this country. Now, each party wants to get Pets
myself — at least to annoy the opposing side. And both
going to fight to the end, without neglecting any means.

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