Наталья Подольская устроила сыну праздник в морском стиле The heir of the singer turned a year. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were happy to celebrate the first important date in the life of the beloved Artemis. Parents were prepared for this event.

      Наталья Подольская устроила сыну праздник в морском стиле

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov celebrated the happy event. Son of the star couple Artemy was a year old. The boy began a long-awaited child in the family – my parents dreamed of his coming into the world for more than ten years.

      On the occasion of the first birthday of Artemis, Natalia and Vladimir, organized a Grand celebration for family and friends. Podolsky personally chose the color scheme of the event – the party decorations turned out in a nautical style. A lot of colorful balloons, mostly blue shades, and filled the country house stars. Among them sported the largest – with the number one.

      The main surprise of the evening was a big tiered cake, reminding guests of the sea coast with white sand. Sister Juliana Natalia has published on his page in Instagram the confection to please the subscribers. “Most favorite boy of the year! – she signed the photo. – Temochka, you’re our happiness, our Firefly! Grow up healthy, loved and happy! And we are always with you.”

      “The theme, really, just smiling and incredibly wonderful! So much happiness and positivity from it! – supported the words of Juliana friends star family. – The theme of happy birthday! Let it grow all the joy!”

      Наталья Подольская устроила сыну праздник в морском стиле

      We will remind, in day of the birth of the son of Natalia has published in his microblog touching message in which he admitted that Artemiy has changed her life.

      “Today at 6.41 am born the long-awaited beloved native boy smile, our son Artem Presnyakov – wrote the singer in Instagram. – He made everything as I wanted! He was born on the anniversary of our Vladimir Presnyakov wedding, although it was supposed to be born June 10. Was born and turned my life upside down! As in the song of Irina Dubtsova, now all thoughts only about him and about him. And it’s forever! Thank you for this! Health and happiness!”

      It is noteworthy that, while still quite small, only ten months old, the Subject made a trip with my parents in Sunny Italy. There’s the kid first saw the sea and was able to get acquainted with European culture.

      How not to go crazy with the baby: experiences Podolsky, Chekhova and Cameren

      And even earlier, in the winter, the parents took the boy to the popular ski resort in the Alps. “When we arrived, all the while it was raining, and the temperature was around +5. Of course, about the skis we had to forget. But we have always been close with the baby. Vacation was wonderful – we could sit by the fireplace, listening to the song that sings the Theme. It is very funny when he begins to sing without words,” said Presnyakov in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Наталья Подольская устроила сыну праздник в морском стиле

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