Special sister teaches Adelina Sotnikova is not to give up

Особенная сестра учит Аделину Сотникову не опускать руки The Olympic champion spent his first pay for her treatment. Adelina Sotnikova admitted that her sister’s spirit is stronger than her, because she went through a serious test.

      Особенная сестра учит Аделину Сотникову не опускать руки

      Adelina Sotnikova got his first pay at a young age. The young skater was only thirteen when she won, for which he was rewarded financially. However, instead of spending money on my girlish whims, she laid them on treatment of the sister.

      Young Masha belongs to the category of children with special needs. She has Treacher Collins syndrome”. This is a severe genetic disease in which the birth of man there are problems with hearing, speech, and facial bones.

      Adelina Sotnikova told about the serious illness of his sister

      Thanks to Adeline and her financial aid, the family was able to accumulate Mache the necessary sum for the operation, which she very much easier life. The parents of a skater not insisted that her fees were spent on the sister.

      “They didn’t tell me what you need to help Masha, Masha severe problems. I saw myself knew. Yes, they said that Masha has such a disease, but they were not given to understand that his activities I can do to help her. I started to understand when I went on my first Grand Prix when I realized that for it to receive the prize money. Parents knew, I announced that the money I’m saving for an operation to Masha, – said Adelina in the program “Alone with all”. – She’s deaf, it’s not very good, a lot of defects, actually. Now, after surgery, there is change. And later she will have more time to do. I can, of course, will help, because who else?”

      It is noteworthy that since childhood, the sisters are very friendly. Parents do not discriminate between daughters, both put forward the same demands. Adelina socializing Masha leads her to a public event and does not allow to test complexes. Special sister of a skater in turn provides powerful support for the sports star.

      “She understands that I do sports. In fact, she’s a normal person, she understands everything perfectly, – said Sotnikov. – Masha stronger than me. I demonstrate “strong sister”, so as not to show any weakness, so she charged me an example that it is impossible to give up. Although it really is I’m with her I take the example of what to lower hands it is impossible. Because I know what she went through – it’s difficult”.

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