Дочь Михаила Ефремова шокировала брутальным образом The successor of honored artist arrived at the festival with her father. 15-year-old Anna-Maria chose not at all feminine style of dress, also on her backpack there is a sign known as a symbol of Satanism.

      Дочь Михаила Ефремова шокировала брутальным образом

      “Kinotavr” has opened its doors for the Russian Beau Monde in Sochi, where the famous film festival is held. The public’s attention now riveted on the celebrities who arrive at the main resort city of the country. Many artists came to the festival accompanied by wives and children. Among them stood out strongly in the daughter of Michael Efremova Anna-Maria.

      15-lazy girl, who had previously been noticed only in cute girlish outfits, dressed in black t-shirt, faded denim jeans and sneakers. Her long blond hair’s dyed in lilac color – in General, the way the young woman was clearly provocative.

      “Kinotavr-2016”: the first long-awaited guests of the festival

      Most others were shocked backpack Anna Maria, which depicts an inverted pentagram. According to some, this symbolizes Satanism.

      Дочь Михаила Ефремова шокировала брутальным образом

      Despite calling the appearance, the daughter of Michael Efremova acted at the hotel where she was staying together with his father, is quite constrained because of the increased attention of journalists. So, at the Elevator in the lobby with star family there was a curious case. Due to the large number of guests checking-father and daughter could not get into a free cubicle. Mikhail Olegovich even yelled at the heiress. “Well what are you waiting for? Should DOE run – young!” “he said with feeling.

      We will remind, mother Anna Maria, actress Kseniya Kachalina leads a reclusive life in his apartment in Central Moscow. “It doesn’t work, lives alone, told the “StarHit” neighbors ex-wife of Ephraim on the landing. – From year to year is becoming more and more strange, no one opens the door, not answering calls. Before we had a relationship, but Xenia herself was all to avoid, always off somewhere. And if the house is in a common hallway of cigarette smoke yoke. The apartment is music to the fullest. A couple of times even had to call the police: Kachalina refused to turn the music down at 4 in the morning…”

      Anna Maria does not live with his mother for several years, she is under the tutelage of Mikhail Efremov. The girl is fond of hard rock, plays bass guitar, writes poetry in Russian, English and Latin.

      “Mary lives next to the school along with a nanny, dad took her to an apartment, – said the “StarHit” friend Ephraim, the producer of the project “Citizen poet” Andrey Vasilyev. – She learns like a good idea. Although two years had missed, when the mother takes her to India. Misha picks up his daughter for the weekend, takes a rest in Jurmala, in America. New year is also celebrated with dad and his current family.”

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