Наталья Подольская ностальгирует по временам «Фабрики звезд» Artist re-dyed her hair red. In this form, Natalia Podolsky was first seen by the audience “the First channel” in 2004, when she participated in the “star Factory”. According to the artist, this time, that transformation was planned.

      Singer Justin Bieber surprised fans with a new hair color. Ex-participant of “factory of stars” has once again become the owner of a red hair long to the shoulders and bangs. Last Podolsky seen in this image in 2004 on the TV show under the direction of Alla Pugacheva. According to the singer, she decided to change for the sake of filming a new video for the track “Breathe”. Together with Natalia in the video appears her husband, Vladimir Presnyakov.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      Fans of the stars were divided into two camps: one like the extravagant image of a star, while others said that hair color does not suit her. Many subscribers of Instagram Podolsky remember her appearances on “star Factory-5”.

      “The color on the “star Factory” was better. You really went. Something different”, “You awesome!”, “Stotsky similar” “I remember your song “too Late, too late,” remember your green dress. It was really cool,” said the followers Podolsk.

      The filming of the video deals with Director Serge Tkachenko, known for previous clips with Podolsky “Forgive” and “so far away”. This talented producer is also working with Katya LEL and many other Russian and Ukrainian stars.

      In the pictures you can see that the singer will appear in the video in the image of women-vamp. Her neck is decorated with a black choker decorated with iron buckles, and on every finger of her hands you can see a massive ring. By the way, some members decided that the recent footage of Vladimir Presnyakov Bluebeard was made at the time of preparation for the filming of this video.

      “I like my job! To be different. Are You more of Vova have not seen”, – said Natalia, laying out the third picture with new hair color.

      By the way, recently Podilskyi husband returned from a holiday spent in Spain, so now artists are overwhelmed with creative energy. The singer will soon go to Sochi, where on 3 September, the start of the contest “New wave”, in the activities which she takes part.

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