Татьяна Лютаева получила серьезную травму The actress suffered during a vacation in Odessa. Tatiana lutaeva told his fans that he hurt his leg, so now she has to walk on crutches. Fans of the stars suggest she’s more likely to improve their health.

      The actress Tatiana lutaeva arrived in his native Odessa, where he enjoys the last summer days. However, the stay was not so pleasant, as the star got injured. Lutaeva told his followers on Twitter that she hurt her leg.

      Frame with Tatiana on crutches agitated followers of the actress. They worry about the health of the woman and wish her to recover faster. “Get well”, “get well and take care of yourself!” “Health to you and all the best!”, wished users of the social network.

      By the way, hastega to this photo Tatiana lutaeva expressed support for Russian Paralympic athletes, which was not allowed this year at the Games in Rio. Independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency under the leadership of Richard McLaren in mid-July, recommended that the Paralympic Committee to disqualify Russian athletes from the Paralympics in 2016. In early August, has made a final decision according to which Russian athletes denied the opportunity to participate in major international competitions. This has caused a wide resonance in the social networks. Politicians, stars of show business and the fashion world has spoken out against the decision of the International Paralympic Committee.

      #Contrary: the country came to the defense of suspended in the Rio Paralympics

      By the way, a few days ago the actress and candidate Anna Snatkina left on the page in a social network post, in which she expressed indignation at the decision of the IPC, describing it as inhuman.

      “It cannot be regarded as healthy an informed decision. It is low and despicable. How can you deny people for whom every day is a feat? How can you deny human desire to grow and overcome physical illness? How can I say no to people for sporting achievements which look and inspire thousands and millions of people with disabilities, their relatives and other caring people? To deny people, whom fate and so gave little chance of fulfillment – it’s ungodly. Morality and culture of all peoples of the world agrees: to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people with disabilities. To prevent Paralympian to participate in the Paralympics – it is shameful and inhuman,” wrote Snatkina.

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