Наталью Орейро гложет чувство вины из-за сына The work of the actress was forced to leave with the baby. Natalia Oreiro glad that in her absence the boy is with dad, who takes an active part in his life. Itself a Latin American celebrity tries to do everything in order to spend more time with the child.

Popular Latin American actress and singer Natalia Oreiro for 15 years happily married to a famous musician Ricardo Mollo. The couple has shared their five year old son Merlin Atahualpa. The celebrity confesses that she is not always able to be near with beloved child. Often she is busy on different shots, and therefore the spouse stays with the boy. Due to the fact that Natalia has to leave with the baby, she feels guilty. Natalia Oreiro returned to her husband after infidelity

“Husband, Ricardo, was a great father, knows all the teachers son does not miss any parent meetings, actively participates in all activities of the kindergarten. It so happened that due to the filming of the TV series I missed the first birthday of our boy. Beside him on this important day was only dad. He sits with him at home, when my son high fever, and I was crying at this time somewhere on the set,” admitted Oreiro reporters.

The Latin American actress is happy that her husband is sympathetic to such situations. The star of the series “Wild angel” tries to find the time to communicate with the baby. She told me that sometimes takes it with him when he goes on business trips abroad. According to her, if they find themselves in a Spanish-speaking country, then be sure to go to the nearest library for a book of fairy tales.

“When going on tour, ATA hard going through separation from me, and I feel sad because of parting with him. Trying everywhere to take it with you (he is in Russia already visited), and also explain to my son, which begs me to work less, not doing this for the money, but because I am – I love to play and sing,” admitted the actress.

Fans remember that after childbirth Natalia incredibly quickly returned to normal weight. Oreiro confessed to exclude from your diet bakery products. She did not hide that it was hard to give up chocolate, which she loves.

“Giving birth to ATA, I danced a lot, rode a bike, tried yoga. And yet I was a powerful incentive – a month after the birth was planned the festival with a red carpet – said Oreiro edition of Woman’s Day. – Miss that I could not, and would look great around your favourite fans and photographers alert!”