Afrikantov sent her daughter abroad because of threats Chueva

Африкантова выслала дочь за рубеж из-за угроз Чуева Tatiana told about the aggression of the ex-reality show participant. According to the woman, some time ago Andrew made an attempt to kidnap Marina. So the girl was safe, it was decided to send her to the “House-2” in the Seychelles.

Tatiana Afrikantov often shares with subscribers microblog events happening in her family. A woman takes short videos or showing pictures from his travels. However, the recent statement of ex-member “House-2” not seriously troubled by many thousands of users of the social network. According to Tatyana Vladimirovna, a former suitor of her daughter Marina Andrey Chuev tried to kidnap the girl. So the blonde was safe, they sent her to the site of the project, which is located in the Seychelles.

“Chuev wanted to grab Marina, dragged him to his car. He doesn’t believe that Marina could with him to leave. To her nothing happened, Marina was sent to the Seychelles in safety. It will be in the Seychelles, until he finds a new passion. The sooner he gets the bride is, the faster it will fall behind the Marina,” said Afrikantov.

Main mom of telestroke told that the man was stalking her daughter outside their house. When the girl came out of the door, he wanted her to take. Marina called on the help of parents, calling her father. According to the T. V., they are literally beaten off the daughter at Chueva.

“A week later he actually rented an expensive car, suit, and got to the building where the shooting of the show. Thank God, the project staff saw Andrew before the arrival of the Marina, managed to warn her and held the building through the back entrance,” added Afrikantov.

Netizens believe that the ex-lover Marina behaves inappropriately. “Chuev loves only himself,” “Chueva impossible to watch” – write followers. Some subscribers have reported Africanoboi that other members of telestroke negatively expressed in the address of their families.

Andrew himself has not commented on the abduction of the Marina, although members urge him to clarify the situation. A number of fans of the TV project “Dom-2” they argue that Chueva already has a new girlfriend.

We will remind, Marina and Andrew broke up in March of this year. The girl decided to stay on the show, and the man was gone from the site. He accused her of betrayal and grieved at the rupture. Marina Afrikantov he feared retaliation Andrey Chueva