Наталья Краско ответила на обвинения в неверности мужу The actress has posted an angry video in which he commented on the rumors about the obsessive fan. Natalia Krasko does not understand why about her coming up with stories and sees nothing wrong with what foreign men admit their love for her.
Наталья Краско ответила на обвинения в неверности мужу

26-year-old wife of an elderly actor Ivan Krasko, Natalya angered talking about the fact that she had accepted the courtship of the obsessive fan. The actress did not like that episode of her life has devoted many posts online, which discussed the topic of her cheating husband.

Cause publications were numerous declarations of love and admiration for a certain guy Hashanah. Under almost every picture on Instagram of Natalia he had left flattering comments, accompanying their “hearts”. In response, the actress sent the young man smiles.

“Everything in this world falls in love with you! Beautiful are your words, your wonderful mind, you’re beautiful!” “You are precious, Natalie. No words can explain what I feel for you” – quote netizens Hashanah.

Spouse Krasko offended by such attention to her person, and she posted an angry video message to those who are actively watching her life and invents different stories.

“Please leave us alone. We, whether that, level. We do other things, we don’t do show business. I write books, play in the theatre, Ivan plays in the theatre. And that I recognized in love. That dostoyano the whole article? I was just in shock. “And the girl is really like”. What girl doesn’t like that her Declaration of love? And then what? Take care of more pressing issues, they are much more,” said Natalia.

In September, Ivan and Natalia, paint will mark the second wedding anniversary. Despite the large difference in the age – 60 years – the couple lives peacefully. Recently the artists got the kitten. The couple thinking about children, however, to give birth in crowded living conditions the young wife is not ready. Ivan Krasko is likely to remain without a roof over your head

Natalia have not pleased the glory that fell on her. She doesn’t like what the audience brought everything that happens in her family. For example, the recent scandal with the flat of Ivan Krasko, of which a couple had allegedly been evicted by his daughter-in-law. Then the artist’s wife explained that they had nowhere throws, just between her and Margaret had a conflict. And he, in her words, could easily be resolved without media attention.