Анна Нетребко выбирает работу для сына Opera diva will not force a child to study music. According to Netrebko, Thiago should he choose who he be when he grows up, and he and Yusif will only encourage desires and aspirations of the boy.
Анна Нетребко выбирает работу для сына

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov argue that a little tired of the constant traveling. Celebrities always try to distribute the concerts and performances so that the singer’s son Thiago stayed very long one. The boy goes to school and is making progress. 8-year-old heir of the actress was diagnosed with a mild form of autism, but Anna managed to achieve significant progress in the development of the child.

As told Netrebko, in their spare time they arrange cultural program: visit parks and museums. According to Opera diva when she and her husband busy child people are doing, who travel with them to Vienna, and new York. Anna and Yusif don’t coddle the boy, usually explaining what you can do, and what not. Steam is not going to insist that Thiago went in their footsteps and started receiving musical education.

“Wish he was a good man. The most important thing. I would like to Thiago worked for him to have a profession. I don’t care what, the main thing that legal. He wants to be a driver, subway, factory work or the computer to do something is depends on it. We are not going to push the son in the music if he doesn’t,” said Anna.

Now the family Netrebko is located in Italy. In Verona was held the concert with participation of Yusif, and in their spare time they visited the places described in the novel “Romeo and Juliet”. Fans of the couple admire their positive spirit and zest for life. Anna organizes leisure son so that he is never boring.

“He has a very varied life, the least of his interest, we immediately encourage. A lot of us are developing games, drive in theatres, circuses, museums,” – said Netrebko.

Recall that at the moment Anna and Yusif are preparing for a big concert that will be held in Moscow on 7 February 2018 at the Tchaikovsky Concert hall. Until that time, the couple presents a collaborative album Romanza, which was attended by Igor Krutoy. The release is scheduled for autumn.

“We now have the best, most eventful years, and as it would be desirable sometimes to relax, I think: “it is still a little work to do, and then after a couple years it will be possible to relax now,” said Anna in an interview with the publication “Days.ru”.