Anna Sedokova shared the secret of a successful business

Анна Седокова поделилась секретом успешного бизнеса
The singer and mother of many children decided to tell fans how they can earn money.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

According to Anna Sedokova, she is most often asked question: how she does it?

Three children, one of which is still very young, the shooting, the release line of clothing sports, work with the team, keeping the account in Instagram, an interview, and not only.

Singer decided to lay out for those interested in everything on the shelves. Supposedly, the starting point is proper planning of all cases: day, week, month. Then setting objectives and precise tracking of results. The ability to delegate is very important, too, says the singer. “Learn to trust your employees to understand that everyone learns and makes mistakes,” says Sedokova.

Also, the singer recommends to read inspiring biographies of successful people and get in early. She wakes up at exactly 8:30 and sometimes falls at three in the morning.

But subscribers particularly interested in how to start a business and earn money. According to Sedokova, it’s pretty simple. You need to make business your passion, something that brings you happiness. If your passion is cooking — take a cooking blog, says the singer. If you know how to raise children — open mini-garden or start writing children’s books. The main thing — to surrender to the job at 100 percent.

“Passion will always bring profit. The one who is 100% committed to, gets exactly the same return” — summed up the singer.

And don’t say you didn’t know that.