Anna Kalashnikov flashed curvaceous lingerie

Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье The model was intrigued by the announcement of a new clip, which will premiere very soon. In the story video Anna Kalashnikov appears in several provocative outfits. Images of a young woman will be a complete surprise for her fans.
Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье

Singer and model Anna Kalashnikov is preparing to present a new video for the song together, “this never happens”, recorded together with Timur Timbigfamily, which I know many fans of “House-2”. The artists say that this song talks about love, distance and overcoming obstacles for the sake of the second half.

According to Anna, her video will be something to see. Kalashnikova and her team have worked hard to ensure that the video turned out bright and memorable.

“In our video, a lot of chips – I crushed the heart of the foot, drink water from a glass with a goldfish, cut hair, eat your jewelry together with whipped cream” – says Anna Kalashnikova.
Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье

Besides the model in the provocative video was filmed and other figures of show business. Kalashnikov says they are very easy to work with. The young woman is grateful to the colleagues for what they have invested in her videos a lot of effort and energy.

Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье“The main characters of the clip are very interesting personalities. For example, Dasha Ovechkin – not only is she an employee of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, but also “Model of the year” by the very prestigious Metropolitan award. Beautiful, humble and lovely girl. And Timur Timbigfamily is my main partner and the second half of our Duo. It is very easy to work with, we are on the same wavelength,” said Anna.
Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье

On the video for the song “tak ne byvaet” also worked for DJ Vini. The musician put his hand how-to videos, and to the composition. “We have four main characters, among which twisted the whole plot, stretch the strings of romance. Nothing more to tell, soon the great premiere is planned”, – intrigued by the Kalashnikov.

By the way, during shootings has not done without conflicts. It so happened that Anna Kalashnikov accidentally cut off a lock of hair models Daria Ovechkina. In this regard, young women had a little and work on the video had to be suspended. Upset Daria left the ground, and Anna immediately rushed to reassure one of the performers of the main roles of the clip.

“Fortunately, all ended well. We did the video almost 15 hours. All very tired, frustrated a bit, but between us there is no conflict. This time got just a great team, Director, cinematographer. I left the set almost last, we were about to close the whole building, but we shot very beautiful shots and all the crew noted that they were worth it!” – said Kalashnikov.
Анна Калашникова сверкнула пышными формами в белье