Романец о конфликте с Лолитой: «Я готова связать ее с моим адвокатом» Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has explained why the singer has advanced her claim. On the eve in the Network there was much discussion of the videos captured with Lolita. In them, the woman spoke out sharply in the address of Victoria romanet and other girls from the TV show.
Романец о конфликте с Лолитой: «Я готова связать ее с моим адвокатом»

Yesterday in the Internet appeared the video, in which Lolita came to the defense of a friend. According to some reports, Victoria romanet has offended their General acquaintance. Besides, in his address criticized the singer and other participants “House-2”, comparing the show with a public house.

Victoria decided to meet the popular artist. The girl explained that the person not familiar with Lolita. Romanet outraged that Lolita condemned all the girls of the “House-2”. According to the ex-participant of the TV show, probably their common friend, designer Galiya Akhmatova told the singer something unpleasant about Vick. Netizens said about the conflict model with the Creator of the chic evening dresses.

“I chose the wedding outfit Kyiv designer Hayk Hovhannisyan, Galia offended. I didn’t finish it, because I never considered his girlfriend. I was filmed for advertising its outfits and made posts on Instagram for a “thank you”, and in return got a knife in the back. Apparently, her hiding the hurt”, said Victoria in conversation with “StarHit”.

According to Romanets, despite the fact that both celebrities participated in the show Galiya Akhmatova, she never wanted to chat with Lolita, because they have different views on life.

“If there are any complaints, they can take it to my lawyer. Lolita I was threatened that I was waiting for 15 days. Maybe she said about 15 ducks? I’m a very good cook, I had an accident in the winter while cooking ducks burned my hand. Maybe she is among my fans and follow me?” – said romanet.

Ex-member of telestone believes that everyone should resolve issues with offenders, and not to ask me to intercede for him. Victoria did not upset, because accustomed to attacks in the address. According to the girl, every second trying to hurt or offend her.

“I’m flattered that out of the mouth Lolita sounds my name twenty times. If she wants to talk about the day, I’m ready to link it to my lawyer”, – told the “StarHit” romanet.