Natalia Bochkareva gave a valuable present to Kirkorov

Наталья Бочкарева сделала ценный подарок Киркорову
The actress has assembled a collection of his own paintings.

Natalia Bochkareva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

If a person is talented, he is talented in everything. This saying
very suitable Bochkareva Natalia, the actress, presenter, Director and artist. Most recently, the star of the sitcom “Happy together” arranged
the presentation of his paintings, which had already gathered quite a collection.

The exhibition Bochkareva
said that paints the picture pretty
for a long time, and even on the set of the famous sitcom “Happy together” she had a separate secret room, where stood an easel and paints every spare minute
in the long hours of filming, she had gone to this cozy nook and indulged
drawing oil.

“So the paintings in my collection was a huge
the number — said Bochkarev. — Sometimes
the process of painting helps me get out of depression. I’m not trying
to earn money for their work, but do it from the heart, for pleasure, and
then just give to family and friends. Among such people can be called, for example,
Philip Kirkorov, Oleg Tabakov, Alexander Peskov, a teacher
theatre arts Tatiana Tsygankova and many others.”

Natalia calls his home collection of common word
“Impreshn,” and it really made an impression on the guests.

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