Наталья Бочкарева рассказала, почему боится новогодних приключений
Actress of the TV series recalled the most vivid stories that happened with them in the New year.

As Natalia Bochkareva fled the scene of the accident, the blessed
Mother of God helped to bring the Christmas tree home actress Julia Sules and why Yana Koshkina
cried the whole New year — actress told TV channel ТНТ4 unusual Christmas story.


Наталья Бочкарева рассказала, почему боится новогодних приключений

Natalia Bochkareva

The famous Dasha Bukina from the series “Happy together” — this
year has changed traditions and has agreed to work new year’s eve in the Crimea,
of course, taking their children with them. Generally the New year in her family is the day
birth. And new year’s eve is another occasion to share the joy and fun. “In General,
I think holidays exist for that, — says Natasha. In the daily
life, we forget a little bit about the family and loved ones. And God forbid us to have
as many of such holidays as New year and Christmas when we visit
their moms, dads, grandparents who may be living in another city,
or call them and congratulations. By the way, I am totally against common spam
phone. This, of course, the spirit of modernity — mailing or instagram when you
just took it, and put all celebrated or congratulated. Of course, and put
it! But this should not be the main greeting. Still we are alive and
must support human relationships.”

And of all the Christmas traditions, according to
Natalia, in their family survived, only one, when with songs and dances dress up

The Christmas adventure, which is rich in
the life of Natalia Bochkareva, she is afraid, because every year on the eve of
there are some unpredictable story, to predict the denouement which just
unreal. “A few years ago was one such case, still terrible
the dream recall, says Bochkarev. — It would seem, on December 31, all
properly, it had to do, the table was laid, the gifts bought, the kids and herself
dressed. And then at 21.00 I understand that I don’t have enough cucumbers for the table. I think
take a trip to the nearby grocery store to quickly buy and go home! Go out, get in the car,
food. Bought vegetables, in the mind already finish the salad, ready to see off the old year
and meet new. Suddenly! Handing over back, I am faced with a machine that
moving on the road. From it pop up some people start
scream-squeal. Trying to call the traffic police what we say to come
only in the new year, not before. I tell them: “my Friends, I’m not ready
to celebrate the New year with you near a grocery store, standing up to three or four
am. Let’s exchange phone numbers and decide our question after the holidays?”.
They agreed. We took each other’s contacts and calmly went
home. We celebrated New year holidays, they do not call and do not call.
I typed them myself — the subscriber is unavailable. Closer to Christmas turn on the radio. Leading
news stern voice said: “In the past year, smashing a car with a space
the crime fled Natalia Bochkareva. There are victims. Actress wanted”.
Imagine my feelings! Food in Moscow, not bothering anyone, and it turns out — I
a malicious intruder, almost criminal! Of course, immediately went to the traffic police,
come and say: “give up! I came because I wanted”! In the meantime
“victims” comrades have to give interviews, talking about how I broke their car.
We, of course, with the staff laughed. That’s the story, though she’s funny!”


Наталья Бочкарева рассказала, почему боится новогодних приключений

Yuliya Sules

Known viewers for the sketch show “Nasha Russia”
channel ТНТ4 and the Comedy “Bitterly” actress Julia Sules, always celebrates New year at home, “all common people” with the family. 2017 did not
with the exception of: “Went to my mother in
The suburbs, put up a Christmas tree, cooked herring under a fur coat, Olivier, aspic,
aspic. The last two weeks I
like all people, rush on shops, to buy food. By the time of the holiday, just fall
from fatigue — nothing. Of course, I want every year to avoid cooking
and to go to a restaurant, but still celebrate the old fashioned way”.

Emotional and impressionable Julia Sules
he shared a very interesting Christmas story: “Once in New year’s eve came around
on the Cherkizovsky market and saw the beautiful Christmas tree. I, being a man is not very
practical, of course, bought. As a winner of one of the green
beauties, I realized that from the house a few tens of kilometers on
the other side of Moscow. Of course, buying a tree, I did not think like her
to carry home in Izmailovo. In public transport of course, I would not go to.
At a complete loss went to Izmailovsky highway this huge tree. Clap
eyes — no one stops. It took 30 minutes. No one stops.
Then I saw the dome of the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God and prayed to the virgin Mary.
Suddenly immediately stops the car, exits old interesting man, right
makes some excuses to the tree snap, and said, “Actually, I
hurry, don’t want to stop, especially with you some aunts
painted stand. And I saw a beautiful woman with a Christmas tree. I thought about that,
if not me, who else does she help?”. And he famously tied my tree and comfortably
drove up to the house. I mean, crazy! Still surprised myself: it’s
I had to buy at the other end of Moscow to the tree. Thanks, there are good people on
light, and most importantly — the men responsible, who in his heart I know that no one
in addition to them, will not help. May they be healthy and happy! All
men want to wish the responsibility and health that they have this
the responsibility of carrying on their shoulders, not feminine. To love
we are more and pampered. Let start in the New year to prepare for March 8!”


Yana Koshkina

The star of the show “chop” on ТНТ4, New year is celebrated with family and
loved ones in Saint-Petersburg.

“In St. Petersburg my parents live, and I try to ride
New year, — says Yana. — However, the last few years, the tree we
do not put can’t afford, since, in addition to moms and dads, we live in an apartment three
cat, who is too much like a Christmas tree. Although in Moscow, at home
at home, I put the Christmas tree, even if somewhere the food in the holiday itself. I strongly
against live Christmas trees, I pity them. When I was little, we always with my mom
put a live tree, which then crumbled, and all was sad. At my house
is always artificial. By the way, I rarely try to go for the New year
very very warm country after a single case. Once decided to celebrate with
loved the new year holidays
Islands. It was the first time I went to my mom and chose the warm southern
country. We were in the rainy season. Rain did not stop for a second, Lil wall.
All was dark and without sentiment. And he was to come in the new year. In
some point I cried because I remembered how in Moscow to chime,
the President congratulates the people from all channels, festivals and dances everywhere, shop Windows
beautiful sparkle, Christmas tree stand, the people skating in the parks, all of each
friend congratulations and have fun around snowy fairy tale! And what did I see
around him in that moment, the rain, swaying palm trees, a giant turtle. Like
romance, and I’m in tears. Ever since I came to the conclusion that he
the holiday must be noted in Russia, and then you can go to any place. Even
didn’t think chimes, the President’s speech, the champagne under the chiming clock –
for me, tradition! And I’m not going to abandon it anymore!”.