Марион Котийяр рассказала правду о своих отношения с Брэдом Питтом
The actress has called pitt a very decent, incredibly kind, sweet, nice, wonderful and generous.

Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard in the movie “the Allies”

Photo: OutNow

The famous French
the actress became the unwitting victim of a huge scandal due to unexpected
divorce Angelina Jolie brad pitt, partner of Marion love Thriller
“Allies”. Oscar laureate tried to make a home-wrecker. Like, it’s
because of her affair with pitt broke up his marriage. Looking at the scenes together, pitt and Katiyar in this film, it’s really hard not to believe in them more than friendship. The “Allies” the actors are some passionate sex scenes. Marion, however, said that to improvise in these scenes with brad they didn’t all come up with the Director. “We rehearsed what
the sequence takes place with our bodies, – says the actress. – It greatly simplifies the task and
gives freedom. I know that now he wants to kiss you, and then you must lie on
him, and after should so-and-so. And thus, there is the opportunity to play
to give emotions, not just all the time frantically to think what to do next!
Where to put hands, feet, sit or lie down, and so on. But still
the awkwardness can’t be avoided. Brad laughed a lot, to relax, to reduce
this inevitable degree of awkwardness, the strangeness of what is happening. And we had
time to look into each other’s eyes and whisper: “That’s fucking weird. You
remember, what I’ll do?” And again, I fall on him, and we kiss…”

The actress admits that she does not believe what is written about brad pitt lately: “He was a wonderful man.
Very decent, kind, incredibly generous. Open to new ideas, he has no
the blinkers, which is straightforward. And of course a fine actor. He is so cute and
nice that it is very easy to communicate.”

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