Yuliya Topol’nitskiy asked for help

Юлия Топольницкая попросила о помощи
The star of the music video “Exhibit a” tired vacation.

Юлия Топольницкая попросила о помощи

Yuliya Topol’nitskiy

Actress Julia
Topol’nitskiy asked for help from fans. The star of the video
“Leningrad”, who now lives in Moscow, went to the new year
vacation in his native St. Petersburg, to celebrate the holidays with their parents. After 4
day Julia confessed that she was tired of idleness and gluttony. Such a weekend can
end badly and, according to Topol’nitskiy in Bali, where the girl was going to
relax after the holidays instead of it coming gingerbread.

Julia with parents

advise where you can go, maybe, anything new on the Peter
impossible to have to eat a salad and drink champagne, ‘ pleaded Julia. Week
eating, doing nothing, survival after the champagne and Olivier continues.
I want to work! Tired to rest!”

did not remain indifferent to the request of Yulia and immediately began to advise where
is to go to St. Petersburg. Among the proposals, for the most part
exhibitions and cultural events: “For a city to walk! For example, to the Finnish
Bay!”; “Aivazovsky exhibition in the Russian Museum”; “Go
jazz at the Philharmonic”; “Go to a master class on painting-
get pleasure in yourself believe, as an artist and a masterpiece of its own
works zaimeet”; “to Fly in aerotrube — shake salads”;
“Van Gogh exhibition”; “exhibition “the fascinating world
Fellini” in Erarta”; “Now
in St. Petersburg the most beautiful exhibition Grandmaket, this is a huge miniature winter
Moscow with the change of day and night and the lights of the capital.”