Nastya Kamensky was horrified with metal staples in the body

Настя Каменских ужаснула металлическими скобками в теле The actress underwent another surgery. At the moment Nastya Kamensky restored after the intervention of medical professionals. The star banned from the sport standing and advised to limit physical activity.

      Настя Каменских ужаснула металлическими скобками в теле

      Last summer, the singer Nastya Kamensky shocked fans by informing them that nearly lost his life. The star did not deploy a parachute, so she risked to crash, falling from a great height. In the end, the artist got off with a serious leg injury. Recently it turned out that Nastya is continuing therapy after a bad jump. Recently Kamensky had a surgery, as she said in his video blog.

      Nastya Kamensky was frankly told about recovering from injury

      “My Saga continues legs. I went for the third operation. I have a lot of metal, you can say that I am “the terminator”. Need to get him out of there. In parallel, I have ten years wanted to improve his old scar from the accident that I have on my left foot,” said Kamensky.

      Anastasia spoke in detail about how she prepared for the next operation. Two hours before the intervention of medical specialists celebrity decided to watch the series. Kamenskih told that you are interested in serial film “CSI: NY”. The singer especially suffered greatly due to the fact that she was not allowed to eat.

      After some time, Kamensky said that she feels after surgery. She admitted she couldn’t feel his legs and could not remember how it all happened. Appearance of Nasti it was obvious that she was very tired. She had to stay in hospital after the intervention of doctors.

      When Nastya had to leave the hospital, she decided to write an appeal to the fans. In it, the actress candidly spoke about what has changed in her life after a bad jump. According to Kamensky, that made her think and reconsider some things.

      “If you, God forbid, you get into a situation that you will have to undergo an operation and to move away from their cases, do not worry, do not kipisha, do not be discouraged, do not give to fill its rehabilitation of pessimism. So it’s not just. You need to stop for a second to perform. This is probably a new phase in your life. I have it so. Maybe it sounds strange, but I am grateful that in my life happened in this situation. I really realized a lot of things,” shared the actress.

      According to Nastya, she was advised to limit physical activity. After some time Kamensky decided to return to the sport, not to gain extra pounds. The trainer recommended the gentle artist out recently, the star supports itself in the form of sitting.