Mikhail Zadornov after rehabilitation will play Donald trump

Михаил Задорнов после реабилитации сыграет Дональда Трампа Artist struggling with a serious illness, plans to surprise the audience. The environment Michael Zadornov shared OS “StarHit” details of his treatment and prepare for the large project, which now occupies his thoughts.

      Михаил Задорнов после реабилитации сыграет Дональда Трампа

      About the health problems of the satirist became known in October last year. The comedian was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mikhail went for treatment in the Berlin clinic “charité”.

      “Mike walked in December of a brain biopsy in Germany – says the “StarHit” Vladimir Kachan, each Zadornov. – He is now in the rehabilitation unit. Doctors yet do not give any predictions, saying: “Everything goes on as usual!” Hospital treatment is expensive. Questions about money yet.”

      A cancer patient Mikhail Zadornov asked for help

      About hospital beds artist on duty his wife and daughter. Don’t forget about him and close friends. “As far as I know, the recovery rate slowly showing positive results, says “StarHit” Maxim Zabelin. – And the mood Misha perfectly! We started shooting the film “Once in America, or…”, whose script was written Zadornov. Despite the fact that he is on the court cannot be present, constant communication. Recently called up, I told him about the scenes with the interior of the Royal Palace! He was so keen that even wanted to leave the clinic for a few days. But we talked him out of it: “we Need to focus on yourself!”

      In film production Mikhail Zadornov takes part not only as the author of the script, but the actor refused the role, even during his illness.

      “He will play a newly minted American President, – continues Maxim. – According to the script our Donald trump should appear in the frame in the summer, so Misha got a few months for final rehabilitation. On the court we are always on duty doctor, so health is the “first person of the state” is under control! Before the news about the disease, Misha managed to sound monologues, gave a remark to some heroes. The film is supposed to be a family and without unnecessary vulgarity. The more that Zadornov read the entire script before the audience. Gathered at the Taganka Theater audience: pieces where people laughed, tracing, and no – mercilessly expunged”.