Nastya Kamensky tries himself in the role of the designer

Настя Каменских пробует себя в роли дизайнера
Recently the singer Nastya Kamensky has delighted fans with news that she will become a designer.

Настя Каменских пробует себя в роли дизайнера

The girl produces clothes that everyone will be able to the end of April.

Nastya decided to create sports clothing that will be comfortable for any girl.

“I’m just like you. I’m a modern girl with the same problems and joys as you. I have the same flaws and I’m just too lazy to get up in the morning. There is only one significant difference: I am a public person, star, celebrity. Call it what you want. Me hours the eyes of millions of people. I could lie and say I don’t pay attention to criticism. But it’s not. Sometimes people can be so cruel, and then their scores heard in my head” – says the artist.

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