Ksenia Sobchak has justified the controversial rider

Ксения Собчак оправдалась за скандальный райдер
The leading explained all the items on his list of requirements.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Recently, the network appeared the rider Ksenia Sobchak: list
requirements leading has caused a mixed reaction from her fans and
the organizers of the events. Wish list
presenter now consists of points, the performance of which will cost
a minimum of 250 thousand rubles. If other artists humbly request a separate
dressing room, water and fruit, today’s queries Sobchak — Hollywood swing!
35-year-old Ksenia, invited presenter, requires incredible specobsluzhivanie. In
the list of binding requests Sobchak: mobile children with
changing the platform, the expensive dishes of the best restaurants of Moscow
(rolls with hummus and Turkey, cooked by sophisticated technology, sous-vide),
a certain color and temperature of the devices and the need to visit individual
the staff and stylists in the dressing room long before the arrival of the star itself.

Ksenia Sobchak has decided to respond to criticism, logical writing
the points of their demands.

“You have to understand
what rider I have a universal, we sent all our customers — a huge number of anniversaries, birthdays, any
cities whose names you can hardly pronounce. There is a problem.
So Ryder I especially difficult that people tried and made
some effort from the point of view of healthy nutrition. We, as Yuri Antonov, not
order Hennessy XO and some other things. We have no expensive alcohol,
we have a sophisticated and healthy food, and we try, especially during travel,
to make people observe these rules, otherwise you’ll have hamburgers and
fried potatoes,” — said Sobchak.

Kseniya also explained that she specifically chose white
color for dishes, as in this case, you can determine how well it
washed. “If you need more, get at least something. If you don’t
require anything you will get, respectively,” — said Ksenia.