Nastya Kamensky showed his young mother

Настя Каменских показала свою молодую маму
The singer definitely went out in her beauty.

Photo: Instagram

Nastya Kamenskikh is a frequent contributor to his personal blog a photo of yourself in a swimsuit and workout with your favorite trainer, but her mother on the page of the singer — a rare visitor. The reason for this very busy tour schedule Anastasia and need a lot of rest. Every time a star is given at least a few free days in a row, she goes to the sea to recover before the next concerts and filming.

Nastya’s mother — Lidia, not offended, she understands, because she herself is a singer. In her youth she sang in the National academic folk chorus named G. Veryovka. Kamensky, by the way, and as a child often visited the house. She traveled to France and Italy for the school exchange program children.

Kamensky has published in a personal blog a recent photograph of yourself, a 30-year-old, along with 62-year-old mom, but not signed it. Fans have long questioned Cindy in the comments who it is — friend, sister or mother? Lidia is still in great shape and are usually mistaken for her sister Nastya. Now it became clear who went the singer beauty. At first glance, mother and daughter are very similar, but if you compare features, it becomes immediately clear that we are talking about a very close kinship. Only Anastasia is a dark suit, and my mom was light.