The son of Madonna fell in love

Сын Мадонны влюбился
Rocco is afraid to introduce his girlfriend to his mother.

Сын Мадонны влюбился

Rocco Ritchie


Chantelle Lee


For Madonna it’s time to feel
the mother of an adult son. The fact that her older child — Rocco —
ex-husband guy Ritchie fell in love! Madonna, who still sees in his
17-year-old son the boy, it was a shock. The more she learned about it
yet from Rocco, and from the media. To acquaint the mother with his girlfriend, a young singer Chantelle Lee — Rocco has not yet been resolved.
But he’s already given it to father, that is guy Ritchie.

With Chantelle Rocco met
the company of mutual friends. And although he is Dating a girl recently, according to friends
Madonna’s son, Rocco, from her “crazy”. Guy Ritchie, allegedly, too
approved the choice of his son.

Actually, the guy has with Rocco
it is not easy. First, when the end of 2015 ran to Richie in London from the mother (from
New York), father was very satisfied. But some
time later, the guy decided that rejoiced too soon. Especially after the police arrested Rocco for puffing pot in a fashionable district of London, near
from the house of Gaius. Richie then barely managed to hush up the scandal set in motion all their
ties, and case his son didn’t. And guy, to distract Rocco from evil
the company forced the son to get a job. The son and Madonna traveled to London
on the bike, doing a delivery of food to take away. However, now Rocco, it seems, is
calmed down. He reconciled with his mother and does not allow himself more than to rebel against