Nastasya Samburski will risk him in a provocative show

Настасья Самбурская рискнет собой в провокационном шоу The actress will be leading the project “General cleaning”. On the TV channel “Friday!” kicks off the show, where experts will assess the situation in the apartments of the Russians. Samburski will help to get rid of unnecessary things, and Julia Minakowska create comfort.

      Настасья Самбурская рискнет собой в провокационном шоу

      On the TV channel “Friday!” starts a new project “spring-cleaning”. In the role of “housing Revizorro” will perform Nastasya Samburski. The actress, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Univer”, will conduct an inspection in the apartments of the Russians.

      Apparently, the flamboyant star was not afraid to face the inadequate reaction of the people in his address. As a rule, many very hard to part with things that are dear to their heart. Samburski has never hidden that can sharply enough to stand up to a bully.

      Nastasya Samburski: “I Can hit, but I have a rich vocabulary”

      Previously the stars of the TV channel has already fought for the purity. They checked hotels and restaurants, inspected the shops and markets, and advocated the improvement of the quality of service and level of service.

      Настасья Самбурская рискнет собой в провокационном шоу

      After casting the creators of the show chose Julia and Nastassja Samburski Minakovsky. At the disposal of “StarHit” were the first images from the project “General cleaning”. The star of “Univer” tried on the white gloves that will help her to prove to the owners how they have dirty and dusty. The footage you will notice the mountains of trash from packages, boxes and bubbles that rise behind Nastasia.

      Leading the new show will tell people how to clean house quickly and efficiently. The actress has already visited several apartments, where we can go, as all cluttered with boxes and unwanted things. Samburski is not afraid to throw out all the junk that belongs to the owners. In turn, Minakowska will explain to people how to properly and quickly do the cleaning.

      Recall that a few years ago, Samburski bought an apartment in the center of Moscow, and in January of this year, intrigued subscribers pictures from the new home. Nastasia tries to maintain in their home is clean and tidy. The girl admits that he earned all by herself. “I have achieved a lot, because my parents have given nothing,” said the star in an interview with “StarHit”.