Nastasya Samburski was warmly received in her husband’s family

Настасью Самбурскую тепло приняли в семье мужа
Recently popular actress Nastassja Samburski combined knot with her lover, the Belarusian actor Cyril Dievice.

Настасью Самбурскую тепло приняли в семье мужа

The mother of a young man spoke about his impression of the daughter-in-law. According to Nina Vladimirovna, Nastassja became for her like a daughter.

Настасью Самбурскую тепло приняли в семье мужа

“Nastasia we have long been familiar, and in Moscow saw each other, and to us the boys were here. She’s a good, good girl. Her image on the TV says nothing. My husband and I are very satisfied with the daughter-in-law, son is happy, he is well, it’s in his eyes, and we are even better. A trip the couple will go, because they are so tired on the set, I’d like to rest in warm edges. With grandchildren while not speeding up: how the young will decide, so be it. We have always had a beautiful son, now daughter,” said the woman.

Nastassja previously reported several times about their marriage, but it was just a joke, and when it happened, in truth, few she in the beginning believed.

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