Nastasya Samburski showed injuries after brutal beating

Настасья Самбурская показала травмы после жестокого избиения The actress posted the photo with the bruises. Nastasya Samburski said that already appealed to the Investigative Committee. However, many fans took the word star for the next draw.
Настасья Самбурская показала травмы после жестокого избиения

Nastasya Samburski used to shock the audience. In her Instagram often appear controversial posts in which the star without scruple gives his opinion on various issues. However, the last entry of the presenter confused even her loyal fans. In the picture it is embodied in a hospital bed with a terrible traces of beating on the face and body.

“Who needed it? Not revenge if it’s for “Revizorro”? Investigative Committee work. If I make it, I’ll write,” said Nastasia.

Despite the fact that the appearance of the actress in the pictures scares, many of her fans do not believe in the veracity of the incident. According to them, the presenter once again made a joke. Confused subscribers and that the post star had to advertise the band.

“Hold On, Anastasia! You are a strong woman. May God give you health,” “Yes, a good makeup, do not say anything. What had not happened in recent time, In such drawings Samburski has long no one believes. Moreover, the inappropriate is inserted in the post,” wrote fans nastasi.

In pictures visible serious injuries to the face and body, numerous bruises and hematomas. The star herself has not commented on the incident. But friends Samburski sure about any beating no question. Thus, the model Maria Minovarov said that if her friend really was beaten, she would submit it to Instagram a completely different perspective. The girl had no doubt that the presenter was all right.

Samburski really used to play their subscribers. Previously, she repeatedly hinted at Affairs with famous men but in the end these rumors are not true. However, during the filming of the program “Revizorro” she really often have to deal with aggression. Nastassja stoically tolerate such an unpleasant situation, but some fanciers believe that it could reach a serious beating.

Anyway, the fans wished the presenter of health. They hope that information about beating the star in the end will be false, and Samburski will continue to amaze them with their social media posts.