Дмитрия Шепелева задержали на границе в Израиле The presenter spoke about the difficulties that have arisen during the holidays. Dmitry Shepelev complained that difficult to pass passport control, but go into the details of the incident did not.
Дмитрия Шепелева задержали на границе в Израиле

Recently Dmitry Shepelev went on vacation to Israel. Man does not like to share details of his personal life, but the negative experience he had at the border, forced the men to record a short address. In the stories he posted the photo, explaining that for a surprisingly long time passed passport control.

“On departure from Israel. Detain so that I want to go home. The rest of the tale will be back,” said the man.

Many fans Shepelev said that the border with Israel is often a problem during the passport service. Guards carefully check the documents to avoid the influx of migrants into the country.

Earlier Shepelev has repeatedly told me that dreamed about a vacation. The man had to face many challenges over the past few months. Recently, the court rendered another decision regarding stolen from Rusfond amounts of money. According to this document, relatives Friske will have to sell the property to pay off debts.

However, Dmitry is trying not to comment on the controversial topic. He repeatedly stressed he was not involved in the embezzlement of funds Rusfond and intends to defend the interests of the son, who is officially considered the heir of the artist.

Shepelev tries to spend all free time together with a little Plato. A man willing to do anything just to make the child happy. He always tries to take the boy on holiday with them, although sometimes it causes problems.

“One day before departure. Or even better: the night before departure and… temperature. And instead of flight – taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy – Panadol. I have experienced this three times already. And before every visit,” she previously told the broadcaster.

Shepelev tries to dissociate Plato from the negative, so rarely puts pictures of a boy and not allow him to communicate with relatives on the mother. Recently, Vladimir Friske insisted that Dmitry has restricted the opportunity to travel abroad. He even filed an application to the Investigating Committee. However, while the broadcaster flows freely, always returning after a holiday in Russia.

A man does not get tired to admit that a holiday abroad help him to broaden my horizons and get new experiences. The fans support Shepeleva in his quest to show the son the world and urged the broadcaster not to pay attention to small troubles.