Nastasya Samburski not going to “Eurovision” to the beloved

Настасья Самбурская не поедет на «Евровидение» к любимому Choice actress, representing at the song contest Belarus has not passed to the final. Star of TV series “Univer” will be forced to take the tickets to Stockholm, which she had purchased earlier. Samburski hoped that the beloved will be able to get to number of finalists.

      Настасья Самбурская не поедет на «Евровидение» к любимому

      The last few weeks all thoughts Nastasya Samburski focused on the part of the beloved in the song contest “Eurovision”. The chosen star Alexander Ivanov, representing Belarus, showed his ability in the bright room, but make the finals the young man and failed.

      Today in Sweden took place the second semifinal of “Eurovision”, in which IVAN spoke. Room musician has impressed a lot, but in the end he didn’t have enough points to advance to the next stage. Interestingly, for a long time Ivanov was supported by Nastasya Samburski. Actress the ball should go to Stockholm on may 14, the day when will take place the final of the competition. However, the artist will be forced to take the tickets and prepare for the second half of the meeting in Moscow. Apparently, he needs support as never before.

      The success of the young artist were sure a bright charismatic guy introduced his native country with the song “Help you “fly” and an impressive room, but the voices of the audience showed that far more attention was deserved by the artists from other States.

      Recall that Samburski meeting with his elect about four months, but his appearance in the life of the actress, changed her very. According to star, she tries not to show the details of their lives with Alexander in social networks. “I do our relationship like to discuss. If you would like, so they all said, would go on some reality show about relationships. We are doing well. He’s a cat, I’m a fish. Met online, two months later moved in together. Never swore,” said Nastasya in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Nastasya Samburski: “I Can hit, but I have a rich vocabulary”

      By the way, Russian artist Sergey Lazarev was able to get to the final of “Eurovision” together with representatives from Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium. Contestants will compete for first place on may 14. Most fans and even psychics predict Sergei with his number for the song “You are the only one” victory.

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