Elena Kuletskaya will keep the cord blood during childbirth

Елена Кулецкая сохранит пуповинную кровь во время родов The famous model decided to costly procedure. Elena Kuletskaya signed a contract with the Bank of stem cells. Birth of a star can happen at any minute, the deadline has approached. Expectant mother looking forward to seeing the baby.

      Елена Кулецкая сохранит пуповинную кровь во время родов

      From day to day life of Helen kuletskoy and her husband, Director of photography Stanislav Romanovsky will change forever. A well-known model for the first time will become a mother. The star is already ready to the most important thing in their lives – childbirth. The final touch was the signing of the contract with the Bank of stem cells. In this organization the star turned to in future to be able to assist the child, if necessary, using stored cord blood.

      “Today made one big and important thing. Called for Gemabank and signed a contract for the storage of stem cells. Fess up, who know, and who already rose to the ranks of the guardians? Modern medicine now gives biostrome and the opportunity globally to take care of the future health of the child. We were given an impressive largest suitcase on day X will have to transfer the doctor to collect the cord blood. It remained for the chief!” – posted by Elena on his page in Instagram.

      Kuletskaya explained that the procedure is simple – immediately after cutting the umbilical cord during birth, the doctor collects the cord blood into a special container. Further genetic laboratory carries with it a number of manipulations and freezes in the cell with nitrogen. It can be stored there for decades. “Stem cells are the richest biological material that is 100% compatible with the child, and to a large extent – with their parents. If (God forbid, of course) serious illness, their pour, and the body starts the process of renewal, and, accordingly, self-healing,” explained the model.

      Fans of Helen quite skeptical of this idea. It turned out that many of them voluntarily refused this procedure because of its high cost and also due to the fact that the topic of stem cells has not yet widely studied. Kuletskaya agreed that everyone makes a choice, proceeding from financial possibilities, and she chose to Bystrakova.

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