Настасью Самбурскую задевают сравнения с мужчиной The actress refers to himself with of self-irony. Nastasya Samburski notes that the subscribers in the social network and then criticize the reliefs of her figure. Star is fighting back against oppressors in the form of humorous pictures and videos.

      Longtime fans Nastasya Samburski remember your favorite another fat girl who was just beginning his career in acting. The star of “Univer” managed to gain a perfect figure, about which she dreamed. Since then, the actress lost weight, she keeps herself in tight rein.

      Nastasia admits that spends a lot of time in the gym. The actress leads an active lifestyle. Sometimes photos that she posts on social networks are visible even embossed shape of a star. Of the more than six million subscribers Samburski in Instagram, enough people who don’t like sports uniforms artist. They actively criticize a celebrity in the comments.

      Apparently, Samburski hurt negative statements about her, but she tries to treat them with humor. For example, Nastassja began to call himself “Batman” after her followers have compared her with the hero of the sci-Fi blockbuster for the wide shoulders.

      “When you’re with muscles, it somehow calmer, than when without them, justified star. And sometimes so lazy to go to the gym and eat properly too, sometimes too lazy, but you have to overcome yourself every day, the only way to achieve results and cultivate the will, and then it will become a habit and without this won’t be the same, the main thing – to begin”.

      You can, just don’t want to 😉 #catch @reebok_russia #Surinternationally #Plectocomia #Babymusic #reebokrussia #reebok

      Video posted by NASTASYA Samburski (@samburskaya) Jul 29 2016 8:05 PDT

      Interestingly, after the recent scandal connected with her husband Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov, Samburski has increased the so-called “haters” – people who write criticism of its “victims”. The fact that the actress went on holiday to Sunny Spain, where she met a businessman.

      As it turned out, the pair discussed details of the new project, which will be attended by Nastasia. But at a time when Eid was spotted in the company of the actress, neither he nor she did not comment on what is happening, apparently with the aim to warm to his interest. This has raised suspicions among fans Borodina, which in that time was with the children in Moscow.

      Kurban Omarov: “I am Confident that She will be able to find a solution”

      “Eid recently lost one business, “Borodina-shop” and decided to capitalize on the other. Lobster was his idea to sell video of the stars to their subscribers on the Internet. Of course, he proposed it to the wife, but she refused. Then Eid came on the Nastasya Samburski, for which, apparently, money does not smell” – said surrounded by Ksenia Borodina.

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