Мария Порошина работает над собой ради сохранения семьи The actress believes that losing a loved one is not too difficult. Maria Poroshina admits that her relationship with her husband by Ilya Drevnov there are different moments. Sometimes star has to show women’s wisdom.

      Maria Poroshina and Ilya Drevnov considered one of the strongest pairs among the representatives of the acting profession. Stars of theatre and cinema in the beginning of this year to become parents. The family of the actress and her husband had increased. Thus Mary became a mother for the fourth time. The daughter of actors gave a rare name Glafira, which can be interpreted as “elegant” or “refined”.

      The couple have not parted with since met in 2001 in the play “Jester Balakirev” in “Lenkom”. Maria and Ilya have a lot in common – they are both creative person, with real professionals. However, Poroshina often have to make concessions and to show women’s wisdom that the family had been quarrels and conflicts.

      “Ilya, we’ve been together for quite some time. Of course, sometimes we have different angles, lapping, lack of understanding of some situations. In my opinion, family life is still work, no matter how unpleasant or boring it may sound. Love is love, but if you don’t work on yourself, not to turn into some points yourself, your pride, your ego and your laziness, then you can just accidentally lose a man,” admits Poroshina.

      Interestingly, Maria is working not only on our inner world. The actress quickly came into shape after the fourth childbirth due to physical activity and diet. In addition, 42-year-old star is thinking about plastic surgery as long as possible to look young and beautiful. Recently, the actress shared with fans his thoughts on the surgery.

      According to Poroshina, to go under the knife or not — everyone decides for himself. Is the celebrity does not deny that in the future she will go through similar procedures to remain in demand actress.

      Maria Poroshina in awe of the new wife Gosha Kutsenko

      “For cinema, it is important that the appearance was pleasant and attractive. When you get to a certain age, then you need to see whether it is necessary to be young. There is a wonderful artist who did not specifically make and look interesting. They are beautiful spiritual glow from the inside and carry the old as a gift. They know how to use it, you know what to do at this age. It is a personal choice how to feel and position. Can’t say I won’t take advantage of five years of surgical specialities”, says Poroshina in his Instagram.

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