Настасья Самбурская готовится к разводу
In the life of a popular actress had entered a new period.

Настасья Самбурская готовится к разводу

Nastasya Samburski


Cyril, Duzevic

Photo: Kino-teatr.ru

No sooner had the fans to be happy for a few days, which in mid-November of last year she married actor Cyril Gicevich as actress decisively broke off relations with her lover.

Spouses quarrel occurred shortly before the New year. Apparently, for this reason, the time has not yet filed for divorce officially — ZAGS in the first week of January is not working. While the actress only got rid of any reminders of Cyril, removing all photos in their blogs in social networks. So did Duzevic. If the divorce does take place, the marriage Samburski will be one of the shortest in the world of film. Thus, in contrast to the hasty marriages of the Western stars in Las Vegas, wedding nastasi and Cyril was the real thing.

“When we got married, many thought it was a joke — told Samburski shortly after her passport got a stamp. Friends thought that everything is not real, because I was in a black dress. Just on white I don’t have enough money. Bouquet I didn’t throw because he was heavy and I was afraid of accidentally killing the employee of the registry office”. Remains to say that the friends of the couple do not lose hope of reconciliation actors.