Юлия Ковальчук раскрыла секрет похудения после родов
The singer shared a simple recipe for transformation.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

At the beginning of October last year, Yulia Kovalchuk was lucky enough to become a first time mom. The singer is an example for many parents: it cleverly combines work and motherhood. And in the same form Julia managed to return remarkably quickly and easily. Fans of Yulia wondered how she could so quickly postroynet? Because during pregnancy, the singer did not torment themselves debilitating diet. Moreover, it is often pleasing yourself double portions of your favorite dishes.

Julia told the other day that back slim after giving birth helped her walk in the fresh air. Kovalchuk, as a responsible mother, spends a lot of time with a stroller on the street. For the health of the daughter she and her husband — Alexey Chumakov moved on time from the hustle and bustle of Moscow for the city.

“That’s when the snow was falling, just think and almost sunless winter is not so painful — we walk! A lot! I can hear all the sent NG songs, and at the same time burn calories. Trips we usually have a long, and to get maximum enjoyment from them, I take something warm and a bite to eat”, — said Julia. The artist knows that fresh air whets the appetite, therefore, not to overeat on his return, she takes him walking yogurt and tea.

By the way, Julia shared another curious detail. She admitted that her daughter is sleeping much better, when the carriage is in motion. At the slightest stop she starts to act up. It stimulates Kovalchuk in constant movement.