Nastasya Samburski intrigued by the message about the wedding

Настасья Самбурская заинтриговала сообщением о свадьбе Star of TV series “Univer” reported the marriage. Nastasya Samburski spends time on the island of Koh Samui, together with the actor. Fans are wondering whether joked the actress once again or finally found the man of her dreams.
Настасья Самбурская заинтриговала сообщением о свадьбе

Fans of the actress Nastassja Samburski accustomed to her outrageous behavior. They are not surprised that some antics, statements and appearance of a celebrity. Now the star of TV series “Univer” resting on the island of Koh Samui. She spends time with 24-year-old Belarusian actor Cyril Dievice. Young people have recently published black-and-white picture in which they are depicted seated on a motorcycle. The actors have signed this frame “just married”.

However, loyal followers who are used to such statements by the artist, rarely having anything to do with reality, began to discuss not a bold statement Samburski, and the picture itself. They noted that Nastasia and Cyril look great together. However, there were those fans who felt such a controversial signature wit.

“Oh, what a guy. Well done! Handsome!”, “This guy is somehow better, whether that fact, but he sang beautifully but”, “I do Not understand… the Guy on foot looks or not to soil Motik”, “Beautiful photo. However, no offense to say, Cyril on the background nastasi frail,” wrote fans.

Apparently, Nastasia tries in every way to attract attention. She regularly provokes the audience with controversial statements. Last year the actress told about her affair with Belarusian musician Alexander Ivanov, who represented his country at the song contest “Eurovision” under the name of IVAN. Then there were a lot of rumors that their relationship actually were inflated to about the young artist learned as many people as possible. It was said that after a music competition, the lovers will break up.

However, Samburski has published a video in which a famous producer Viktor Drobysh, who works with Ivanov, allegedly the actress for the fake romance.

“A scandalous history of show business. This video clearly shows how the 49-year-old Victor Drobysh reports 29-year-old Nastassja Samburski the fees for PR artist from Belarus, 21-year-old Alexander Ivanov, known under the pseudonym Ivan. Nothing to add. Cases of egregious. Prepared a petition for the expulsion of the artist from the country music leanings to ethnic music, on the territory of Ukraine”, – joked the star of the TV series “Univer”.