Dmitry Tarasov took Anastasia Kostenko in an expensive resort

Дмитрий Тарасов увез Анастасию Костенко на дорогой курорт The player has organized unforgettable rest to lady. Dmitry Tarasov flew with my girlfriend in Dubai. The company pair up with a member of the Russian national team Guilherme Alvin Marinato and his wife Rafaela.
Дмитрий Тарасов увез Анастасию Костенко на дорогой курорт

A few days ago, Dmitry Tarasov and his lover Anastasia Kostenko flew to the first joint trip. The pair went on a luxurious resort in Dubai. Previously, the model did not accompany the athlete to travel abroad. Last week was the match of the national Team of Russia in the framework of the confederations Cup. The man did not take part in the game, and was on the bench.

The lovers shared with subscribers with the restaurant of the Jumeirah district, which serves Prime steaks. During dinner they were joined by a colleague Tarasova team Guilherme Alvin Marinato and his wife Rafaela. The company had a fun time tasting meats.

“A nice tasty way to end the day. Thanks for the company,” wrote Dmitry in the microblog.

Fans Tarasov and Kostenko every time I look forward to pictures of the couple. Many netizens noted that the model and soccer player look good together. “Love in the eyes, glow, happiness to you”, “Very cute”, “Beautiful you girl Dmitry. Take care of each other”, “Like all mentally!”, “Nice and feminine girl Nastya! Real and not simulated!”, “Just walked off the cover!” wrote the followers of the athlete.

Before the confederations Cup there have been rumors that Tarasova fiancee cheated on him during a trip to his hometown. Anastasia was surprised compromising her name information and answered detractors. Anastasia Kostenko about the scandal with former lover: “We have long ceased to communicate”

“We have Dima all is well, we are all the time. Fortunately, he is athletic, has nerves of steel and have long since learned not to pay attention to such things”, – said Kostenko.

According to the model, it is annoying when strangers discuss someone else’s personal life. A few months relationship with a player, she learned perseverance. Now Anastasia did not respond to the negative that she wrote in social networks. “Just smile, no matter what, let the wonder of your exposure and begin to engage in their own life, and not to meddle in someone else” – this rule is guided by Kostenko.