Nastasya Samburski has been “sick” photo without makeup

Настасья Самбурская оправдалась за «больное» фото без макияжа The actress never ceases to amaze fans. Her experiments with appearance, they can not get used still. Quite often, the artist is a bold transformation, which cause a mixed reaction among users of the Network. Now Samburski did not hesitate to show the natural beauty.

      Nastasya Samburski has published in his microblog photo in which she appeared before the followers without a gram of cosmetics. The girl went to one of the capital’s salons, to use the services of tanning. The star decided to share why she chose this place and not hesitate to show himself in a rather unusual way.

      Fans of the bald Samburski concerned about her mental health

      Fans of celebrities know she always looks well-groomed and carefully tries to follow the appearance. So now they did not expect that their favourite will share this frame. Believing what reaction can cause photography, Samburski warned his followers that it is okay. “I’m not sick, it’s the lack of makeup,” commented the actress.

      Note that subscribers responded positively to post in Instagram. They wrote that the time even without make-up looks great and they would like to have a girl as often as possible, delighting them to such publications. For many subscribers Samburski this way helps to see the star at a completely different angle. Fans believe that the lack of makeup is a good way to be closer to their audience.

      “Look great when not painted,” and “Nastasya, you are beautiful without makeup. Look naturally”, “a Bit unusual to see you without makeup, but still great, True. Clever. Beautiful. Keep it up. The dogs bark, the caravan moves on,” wrote the followers in the Network.

      Obviously, among the subscribers of the star there were those who reacted negatively to fresh frame Nastasya. However, fans Samburski stood up for her and made a real debate in the comments. They began to convince the users of the Network that the girl has every right to look however she wants. Users do not see anything wrong in what the actress sometimes can afford not to paint. It is important to emphasize that the Nastasia has repeatedly stated that he does not like to spend much time in front of the mirror. Although its subscribers it publice photo only in unusual and vivid images. Nostrum actress – black arrows and the effect of smoky eyes.