Настасья Самбурская сбежала в Дубай на поиски мужа The actress shared the spicy from the beach. Nastasya Samburski tans in a very strange position. Some members have condemned her for such a frame, as it is in an Arab country.
Настасья Самбурская сбежала в Дубай на поиски мужа

Nastasya Samburski went on holiday to Dubai. Star pleases fans of photos in a swimsuit. Many followers note that the actress’s great figure. Nastassja regularly engaged in the gym and trying to follow the diet. On the first photos taken on the green lawn on the background of skyscrapers, Samburski demonstrates the exercise “plank”. The gathered a lot of flattering comments. “When the body is worked out awesome, its a sin not to show!”, “Nice muscles!”, “The figure is just perfect”, “Great legs!” – wrote followers.

However, the frame taken on the beach, surprised the audience of an Instagram artist. Nastasia was lying on his stomach, showing off toned legs and buttocks in all its glory. In its usual manner, the star joked in the caption to the picture.

“Looking for a husband? Sunbathing so. I understand your feelings. But you can’t unsee it ever,” said Samburski.

Fans, not without a sense of humor, laughed at the star. “It pinned all the right places covered”, “do Not cease to admire the courage and naturalness”, “Nothing vulgar do not see” – opinions of commentators. However, there were those who condemned Samburski for her appearance, because she is in an Arab country where too indecent to be naked.

By the way, the recent marriage to actor Cyril Dievice who is younger than Nastasya for a few years, failed. It was rumored that the reason the mother-in-law Nina, who made the revelation in an interview to one of editions. Then Samburski put Gicevich from home. The actress always against the fact that someone said something extra about her in the press. That’s why a few years ago, it was her conflict with her brother. Now Nastasia does not communicate with the relatives and trying not to think about them in an interview.

Samburski is trying to constantly evolve. She likes to feel independent. The girl can decide for itself how to manage money. According to her, before building a family life, is to get a higher education, so that in case of discord in the family not to stay and endure her husband because of his tools, and quietly file for divorce and go to work.