Интимные снимки Витаса спровоцировали секс-скандал The singer surprised the user bandwidth and candid shots. Vitas was taking pictures of himself below the belt and left mixed signature. Instagram followers of the artist were outraged by such behavior. Producer Sergey Pudovkin commented on the situation.

Recently Vitas often performs abroad. The artist gained popularity in China. Many fans shoot parody video of the singer. The artist rarely leads page in social networks. However, some pictures of Vitas to cause confusion on the part of his fans.

Recently, the actor posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit. Some netizens found the frame very intimate and vulgar, noting that for an adult male is invalid such revelations. “The father of children and this puts!”, “You’re not sexy! You have an inferiority complex”, “Purchase complete, did not expect that in his head?”, “What kind of woman can a photo like that?” – wrote in the comments of the star.

Vitas producer Sergey Pudovkin argues that the artist himself has nothing to do with these photos, although the images from this Instagram account is duplicated on the official artist’s page in “Vkontakte”.

“Vitas around a number of provocations that can’t be fixed. What you showed me, publishes fake page that is irrelevant to Vitas has. He left so many pages! What do you think, if Vitas has a huge popularity all over the world? Only in America the last movie Vitas scored 160 million. I don’t think he even has provocative footage. But filth, based on the burn – million. Podkovyrnut we love. But the world ranking in the Russian show business, except Vitas, to date, no one has,” said Sergei.

According to the producer of the star, now Vitas starred in Hong Kong film with Jackie Chan. He plays himself. Presumably, the movie will be released next year.

“He is all – sufficient figure that is loved all over the world. We now operate mainly in China and America. In Shanghai, he recently gathered 72 thousand audiences. His wax figure installed in the best museums in China. And in Brazil, and all around him the excitement! On the beaches Brazilians sing his song in Russian! And in Russia can only organize a provocation!” the producer added comments in the “Source”.