Nastasya Samburski fast hunger

Настасья Самбурская морит себя голодом The actress told how struggling with being overweight. Nastasya Samburski trying to eat right and exercise. The artist understands that keeping fit is not easy.

      Настасья Самбурская морит себя голодом

      Popular actress Nastassja Samburski constantly promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages his fans to follow suit. Tape her micro-blog is full of snapshots from the training. And the result is obvious – thousands of fans constantly admired her slender figure and asked for advice on how you can lose weight. The Nastasia is happy to share techniques and knowledge about it with their subscribers. Celebrity understands how difficult it is to limit yourself to something to achieve success and not afraid to admit that she, too difficult to stick to a diet.

      “The most difficult is not to eat, – frankly said Samburski. – I understand you perfectly, I too hard and I constantly want to eat! You need to hold. Throw all the excess out of the fridge, say home, you were not allowed to him at all.”

      Fans began to admire how bravely Nastasia cope with the difficulties on the path to slimness. Star of TV series “Univer” also shared advice that how to eat to lose weight. “A sufficient amount of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates in the morning. At least a month, and you will see the first results! Most likely, they very much will please and you will not want to stop,” – said Nastasya their loyal subscribers.

      The actress does not hide that to achieve the perfect body she has a lot to work on myself. But, according to her, only the systematic training and proper nutrition will help to obtain the desired shape. I must say that some fans were of the view that enhanced training deprive girls of femininity. In response to this statement Nastasia posted a photo where she poses Topless, wanting to prove that, despite training in the gym, she looks quite attractive.

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