Настасья Самбурская рыдала шесть часов подряд It happened on the set of the TV series “Give my love” in which the actress played the role of a highly emotional character named Ilona. According to Samburski, it was really hard while working on the project.

      Настасья Самбурская рыдала шесть часов подряд

      Actress Nastassja Samburski recently shared with his fans, the shooting of the popular series “Return my love”. According to nastasi, they were very exhausting and could take several hours. The actors involved in the project, was tired and not always able to play as it should Director, when it was the 12th hour of work. Due to the fact that the genre of the show was labeled as “romance”, artists had doubly difficult, as the script they suffered, were happy — in a word, showed a completely different emotion.

      However, the actors always managed to come together and play well despite the physical condition and frazzled at the end of a busy day. Samburski recognized that the Director of the project Evgeny Baranov did many things to maintain working atmosphere at the site. Says Samburski, artists would be hard to keep my game face on for so long if not for the sound approach of the Director.

      “Eugene Baranov on the twelfth hour of work, than to catch me, to go the right emotions, believe that crying for six hours straight, and then the remaining six hours all hate bitterly, no longer remains there, of course, the merit of the Director that he “kicks” and have to run to the finish,” said Nastasia in social networks.

      Nastasia also noted that the second season of the famous series will not. Samburski fans supported her and noted the acting ability of the stars. According to many, the project Director Barinova turned out decent. “Cool episode, all the actors are gorgeous,” and “Nastasya, you are an actress with a capital”, “Best Russian TV series, thank you”, “Sorry, that will not be a second season, watched the first two times,” “It’s just unreal and you’re there so nicely played that it was impossible to break away”, “so Many times sobbed while watching”, “Nastasya, you Bolea done. So many emotions, so many tears,” and “Nastasya, you are in the series very well played!”, — written by fans of a celebrity.

      By the way, Nastasya Samburski, also plays in the theater. It can be seen in several performances of the Moscow drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Not so long ago the actress played in the season’s last “Formalin” on the play by the famous Russian writer Anatoly Korolev. The performance was sold out. In his “Instagrame” Nastasia wrote that the audience warmly received it.

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