The “Beasts” suddenly deprived of its musicians

Группа «Звери» внезапно лишалась своих музыкантов
The band are looking for a new job.

The “Beasts”

Photo: @zveri_official Instagram

Apparently, in the near future the composition
group “Beasts” will undergo serious changes. As it became known, three
team member decided to cease its cooperation with the soloist
group — Roma Billicom.

The news about the decay of “Animals” was confirmed
after the announcement appeared guitarist Maxim Leonov, who was the permanent
member of the staff since 2003. “Attention!
Experienced and played a part (EX-band) of three people: Michael Brim —
drums, Alex Lyubchik — bass, Maxim Leonov guitar, looking for a permanent job.
Along about ten years old, play practically all know each other through and through. In
primarily interested in working on a permanent basis,” wrote Leonov.

The fact that “Beasts” will no longer
to act in the same composition scared of the fans, because in June the group had
planned several concerts, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
But Maxim said that his work in his native team will continue until the end of June. And this
it means that all of the stated performances will be held in the tour schedule. What
will continue to collect if the Roma Bilyk new musicians, or the group will simply cease
to exist, will be known soon.

We will remind, Roma Zver created the “Beasts” in 2001. Many fans assume that even if the group will be “newbies”,
the sound of the songs of the band changed dramatically.

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