Гуф получил сотрясение мозга During a holiday in Bali with the rapper has been in an accident. The details of the incident, the musician did not disclose and said that it was ridiculous. On a tropical island Gough came to see his son Sam, who lives abroad with his mother ISA Dolmatova.

      Гуф получил сотрясение мозга

      The day of Russian rapper Guf will meet in bed. And a few days after the festival, the musician will hold there. The fact that doctors prescribed bed rest actor due to the fact that he got a concussion. Stay Gufa, as he confessed to his Instagram that was damaged.

      “And I have a concussion. 10 days of bed rest. Class. What you need on holiday. As it happened, don’t ask ridiculous x…”, — wrote in the microblog Guf.

      The fans were quick to cheer him up and wished him a speedy recovery. “Hang in there” “Cool, get well”, “life’s sorrow”, “Get well soon, the main thing — live”, “Rest two days and then get up and time with my son spend too seldom you see it” — they wrote.

      Someone has suggested that bed rest will help the artist to record new songs: “so it’s necessary to spend 10 days alone with myself”, “While lying down and resting, this theme will go with lyrics. I think you will maleisi” for the whole album. Others expressed their suspicions on the subject of what could happen with the Body. Some fans of the rapper believe that he could fail to surfing or slipping after a very fun party. Sam Gough did not comment on speculation of their fans.

      Гуф получил сотрясение мозга

      Currently the rapper is resting in Bali and spends a lot of time with his six-year-old son, Sam, whose mother is ISA Dolmatova. Together they visit local amenities, attractions, walking and swimming in the pool. His successor Guf sees infrequently because the boy lives with his mother. The musician longs for her baby.

      “I am very sad without him. As she promised she would marry a surfer, take the child and I will never see him, so did he. I actually have to fly across half the globe to visit the boy, and now it seems impossible,” admitted the musician in social networks.

      By the way, ISA Dolmatova, too, is now on a tropical island, as her second husband. Recall that the woman was married to a Body five years. After the divorce, their common child Sam stayed with her mother. Gough commented on the wedding of ex-wife

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