Настасья Самбурская похвасталась роскошным домом The actress shared will Prednisolonum picture of his house, which, apparently, the girl purchased recently. The actress made it clear to subscribers that this luxurious gift she gave herself. Followers only congratulated the former star of “Univer” with the acquisition.

      Nastasya Samburski chose to present under New year a gift. She bought a luxury apartment. A photo from a new home the actress shared in his microblog. The actress was photographed with a live tree in the middle of the empty room in which, presumably, only the repair work. Anyway, a celebrity does not hide that is happy with purchase and immediately refuted the rumors that indoor got her the gift.

      Subscribers began to congratulate the star with such an important event in her life. Most praised Samburski’s effort and desire to achieve your goals. Someone suggested that jealous of perseverance and hard work girl, because, according to commentators, the work of the actress brings such worthy fruit.

      “An amazing actress. And most importantly – she just made herself, and it was worth the effort! Clever!”, “The new housing? Congratulations! It’s cool! How much scope for imagination repair”, “You’re a big lad, their labor and dreams reality! Love you and happiness in the New year! Success,” wrote the subscribers in Instagram.

      It should be noted that some subscribers still have questions about whether a presented living space on the second account of the artist, or the girl still chose to replace what she had. Recall that a little over two years ago Samburski for the first time told their followers that bought an apartment in the center of Moscow and plans to make it a major overhaul.

      Some time later, the celebrity began to share with the Network users with updated photos of the home. She said that made the balcony with panoramic Windows and a kitchen to order. At the time, the actress shared that one unscrupulous firm refused to work with her, after taking the first payment for the repairs. In the end, a long trial has led to the fact that Nastasia had to go to another company.

      Often enough, the actress asked her fans what design they prefer in a bathroom or living room. Subscribers often staged real battles to determine the interior of the apartment. In the end, the artist, one way or another, thanking followers for their participation and responsiveness. Samburski loved intrigue for a long time and not show your apartment until it is not stopped for repairs.

      The actress has repeatedly hinted that it is not attracted to the acquisition of property of third parties. She insisted it was acquired by honest means. “To make dreams come true – it’s wonderful!” – wrote a celebrity under one of the first photos of his apartment in the microblog. Envy of ill-wishers has worsened particularly strongly when Nastassja was predstavila audience of millions in a network of solid foreign car, which, as noted by the artist, she also bought for their money.