Anna Sedokova promised the daughters to change their lives

Анна Седокова пообещала дочкам изменить их жизнь The singer has posted on his page in the microblog touching a picture together with heirs. Under the she explained that he plans to make in the coming year. Subscribers were pleasantly surprised that all the desires of the artist was associated with the Monica and Alina.

      Anna Sedokova shared his wish list for 2017. The actress said that all the plans she realized, if she shows his audience of millions. The singer is convinced that if the order fans will know, she will not be able to refuse or not to comply with them.

      Anna Sedokova surprised a rounded tummy

      Celebrity did not make anything that would be related to her professional career or the material well-being. In his post in the microblog the woman told followers about how to build relationships with their daughters, so they felt really happy. Anna noted that her eldest heiress Lisa is a very developed teen who is approaching adolescence are becoming more intelligent.

      “I promise to listen to Alina and to trust her! I have unique, in his 12 years with such a firm attitude that I really admire her.! On the death of her dad, she’s all gathered and began to live without excuses! The new school, she transferred to reinforced mathematical class, every day for 3 hours of gymnastics and remained pure and naive, despite his awkward age!” – said Sedokova in the microblog.

      As for the younger heiress, in this case, the celebrity is fully ready to support the interests Monica. She believes that the baby is developing as a creative person, so it has to be engaged in clubs to develop talent.

      “I promise to develop stronger at Monica’s creative direction! Because it is by far the artist. She sings, dances, builds himself a big case! So acting, songs, dances and poems by Monica – that’s what you will see in my “Instagram” in 2017!” – told the artist in the social network.

      Anna did not show the fans wish list for herself, because she, like other moms, you will need a separate post to social networks. She asked everyone to leave comments with your plans for the next 12 months and to accompany it with the hashtag “#яобещаюв2017. Fans of the stars, the idea seemed interesting, and they began to share under the Sedokova dreams. Apparently, the actress was flattered that her followers enthusiastically took to the idea and happily agreed to participate in the flash mob.