Мария Шарапова произвела фурор точеной фигурой в бикини The player spends holidays in Hawaii. Fans of Maria Sharapova, who saw her hot picture in microblog, has decided that the way she arranged them a surprise for the New year. They are impressed with the forms of stars, calling it perfection.

      Famous tennis player Maria Sharapova these Christmas holidays we spend in an exotic location – beautiful athlete enjoys lovely views of the Hawaiian Islands.

      Don’t forget Maria and the subscribers of his microblog from time to time sharing with them the photos taken during the holidays. It is obvious that one of the fans of the athletes will remember for a long time, so he has impressed and captured the imagination. Maria Sharapova ventured into rare for her action – girl posing in a bikini. Rather, it is embodied, carefully stepping along the rocky beach. In the photo the athlete looks very vulnerable and touching that only adds to the sexiness and eroticism of her outfit.

      “What happened to the white Sands of the Hawaiian beaches?” with a joking tone commented on the scenes Maria Sharapova.

      However, those who hastened to answer the question of the tennis player, was not found. But wanting to make Mary compliments about her chiseled figure, no rebound. Under the Sharapova bikini left several hundred enthusiastic reviews in different languages.

      “Maria, you are perfection!”, “Oh, I can consider this photo a gift from you?” “Wow, you look great!”, “Mary, I love you”, “You are awesome in this black bikini”, “You’re getting prettier,” “Mary, you are a peach! You are gorgeous! May God grant you health and success in your favorite business!” – writing fans of Maria Sharapova.

      It should be noted that the support of fans in 2016 was for athletes more important than ever. Recall that last spring the player was in the midst of a doping scandal. She was accused of receiving Meldonium, which from the beginning of 2016 was included in the list of banned drugs. Maria Sharapova explained why he took doping

      Maria Sharapova is two years removed from competition, but she did not put up with similar fate and filed a lawsuit in the court of arbitration for Sport. Reduced the period of disqualification to Sharapova, and in the spring of next year she can return to court and to win new medals.

      On the background of the troubles in the career of the tennis player establish personal life. Journalists attribute the star sports a new novel. Perhaps Maria again found love in the face of a famous actor and model Andreas Velencoso. Spanish male model and tennis player last summer vacationing in Paris.