Виктории Бекхэм грозят серьезные неприятности
Wife of the famous football player was accused of violating the law.

Victoria Beckham


In the New Year’s eve at Victoria Beckham unexpectedly
problems. Moreover, troubles the wife of the famous football player
happened, as part of its business and upon her person. About it
website reported femalefirst.co.uk.

For a start, she got more than unpleasant
message from Companies House
the British Registration chamber. The sender of this letter has put Victoria
aware that she may not be able to conduct business
activity. But Mrs Beckham has a huge “Empire of fashion”,
she started to create back in 2003, the assets of which are estimated at a minimum
as 60 million pounds! And that Victoria received in the New year “surprise”: it
announced that its brand may be deleted from the register Registry, and in
soon — by February 2017. And all because of the fact that she
late filing of financial statements…

The second problem Mrs Beckham popped up
where she least expected. It all started with the fact that on Christmas eve she
learned the news, which is extremely pleased Victoria. Put it in
notice that Queen Elizabeth has honored Beckham great honor: it will be
granted the Grand Cross of the British Empire and the title of the dames (women’s
the analogue of the Knight). Victoria was so excited that told me about who just
could, including on his page in the social network. And here is the result: it
can eliminate the roll of honour! It turns out that Victoria broke the most important
a rule — she had no right to do that as long as officials from the
Buckingham Palace will not publish
the list to be officially rewarding. And now representatives of the court
declare that their actions and disregard for the rules of etiquette she puts
by questioning the admissibility of the candidate to retrieve its honor.

But how well before Victoria was formed
year! Work in her “fashion Empire” has gone though, of course, not as brilliant as in
last year, but also quite good. Her husband David not only continues to provide
the wife of his love and support, but also managed to achieve impressive results in
their business segment of Beckham, earned for the year of 70 million pounds. Pleased
Victoria and her 11-year-old son Cruz, who has discovered a excellent vocal abilities.
The boy had already recorded their first single, and listed the income from it to
charity. Cruz predicted a brilliant career as a singer, and Victoria is very
they are proud of. Middle son — Romeo — succeeded no less than his younger brother, but
only in the modeling business: he signed a contract to representatives of the company
Burberry. And eldest son Brooklyn also not sitting idle — he is preparing for publication
his first album of photos.

However, we hope, close-knit family of Beckham
help Victoria cope with its problems and the new year will not start for her